Prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your wireless network

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LANeye Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software

Keeps your network to your self!

LANeye monitors the network to detect and prevent unknown computers from getting access to your wired or wireless network.

No more uninvited computers on
my wireless network!

I have a wireless network that visiting customers can use.
I don't want other people to use my WLAN.
Using LANeye is easy and gives me full control over who's
using my network, says Malina Bertilsson.

Home Solutions

Block people from using your wireless LAN.

  • Prevent neighbors from stealing your internet bandwidth.
  • Stop neighbors from accessing your shared files and folders.
  • Protect Your internet connection from being used in illegal activities.

Business Solutions

Detect unknown computers on the company network.

  • Reveal employees that connects their personal home computers to the company network.
  • Prevent people from connecting unknown computers or other network devices to your network.

LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition

For Homes and small Offices with no more than ten (10) computers.

LANeye 2.3 Professional Edition

For Business networks with advanced clients (VPN, SAN, ...)

LANeye Intrusion Prevention - Not a Firewall

LANeye is a network intrusion detection and intrusion prevention software.

LANeye is not a firewall, neither an antivirus software.

  • Use Firewalls to stop unwanted visits from the Internet. ( We recommend Zyxel )
  • Use Antivirus to stop unwanted software's on your computer. ( We recommend AVG )
  • Use LANeye to stop unwanted computers on your network. ( We recommend LANeye )

59% thinks it's OK to use someone else's wireless Internet

Our survey shows that 59% thinks it's OK to use someone else's wireless network if the network is open and not encrypted. Other surveys shows that 54% admitted using someone else's wireless Internet access without permission.


72% thinks information about you are collected when using public surf zones

Our survey shows that 72% believe public surf zone owners like Cafe's, Bars, Airports... collects information about us. But do we behave and act differently due to what we think we know?


Threat Topics

Tech Topics

Use firewalls to divide your network in multiple zones.

Social engineering attacks focusing on managers.

They have more privileges and knowledge about company systems.

Are your wireless Internet connection used by others for illegal activities?

How can you tell?.

Free to try

Price: $59 USD

Free to try

Price: $131 USD

LANeye 2.3 for Windows

You can run LANeye 2.3 on:

- Windows 7

- Windows Vista

- Windows XP

- Windows 2000

No server needed.

Runs on any network connected computer.

Computer Magazines Tests

LANeye have been tested by several Swedish Computer Magazines

Commented as:

- Inventive!

- Easy to use!

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- Credit Card

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