Prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your wireless network

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Keep your home network safe and to your self.
Keep your network to your self!
* Stop neighbors from using you internet connection.
* Detect if someone is using your wireless network.
* Prevent unwanted computers on your network.
LANeye detects and prevents
uninvited computers on your
home network!

Stop neighbors from using your wireless network

Having trouble with neighbors using your wireless internet connection?

LANeye will help you keep your network to your self, preventing neighbors from connecting their computers to your wireless network.

Prevent neighboring teenagers from stealing your bandwidth when using you internet connection doing file sharing. Kids loves to "hack" neighbors wireless networks. Some do it just to brag about it, others want to use the extra bandwidth it gives them to do file sharing.

Stop kids from harassing other kids when using your network and hide behind your ip-address.

Harassment between kids have migrate into the digital world. Do not let kids uses your internet connecting to harasses other kids.

Stop neighbors from using your high speed internet connection for free. Neighbors uses other neighbors WLANs for Internet surfing instead of getting an Internet connection of their own, often deliberately to save money having you pay for the connection.

Prevent people from connecting to your network

Having trouble with unknown individuals using your wireless network?

LANeye will help you keep your network to your self, prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your network.

Stop uninvited computers from connecting to your network using your internet connection. Some people uses others internet connections for illegal or inappropriate activities like downloading inappropriate material. Do not allow outsiders to use your network for whatever reason.

Block people from accidental connecting to your network sitting on the across the street cafe believing they using the cafe network.

Prevent unknown individuals from connecting to your network and try to gather information about you to steal your identity, order a credit card in your name or any other identity theft crime.

Detect unwanted computers on your network.

You can run LANeye on any network connected computer. LANeye will detect all computers and other devices that communicate on the network. LANeye will only prevent intrusion when the software is running.

If you shut down all your computers during the night LANeye can not prevent intrusion when turned off but when turned on again LANeye will always detect unknown computers on your network, telling you it is time to change the encryption keyword for your WLAN.

Prevent unwanted computers to access your network.

Running LANeye on your home server or your media PC that runs 24 hour a day, LANeye will prevent unwanted computers from gaining access to your network.

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Keep your network safe and to your self

Reduce time spent on figuring out why your connection is slow due to that other people using your Internet connection. LANeye will immediately reveal if there are unfamiliar computers using your network.

Network Intrusion Detection Software

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Price: $59 USD

Free to try

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