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Managers under attack

Managers under attack - Middle management and executives have become primary targets when performing social engineering tasks against companies. Why is that? One of the key things is that managers in general have more privileges and therefore often wider access rights to company systems. The other thing is that management have a better overview of the company and often tend to use that to delegate or send incoming contacts directly to other employees.

It is fairly easy to get in contact with management, much easier than regular employees. Mangers can get contacted when hiring personal, for comments to news papers and other statements. All contacts is a potential social engineering attack.

Managers have been contacted with accusations from consumers complaints organizations, claming the company have acted wrong and therefore need to make up for it by responding to the complaining customer. To help the manager to respond a response URL (web link) is attached to an email and when clicked on the manager can answer to the complain and will be informed that the matter now is completed. But what really happened is that his computer got infected and a Trojan now is active on the managers computer, with the managers access privileges and will be able to log keystrokes gathering passwords and do all kinds of things.


Get rid of organization charts showing name, position and photos on the company public web site.

Educate managers in handling external contacts by regular training.

Never answer accusations immediately - Always consult fellow managers and legal personal prior to answering complaints.

Be careful when using social networks like FaceBook - Social network are opened to anyone. Do not reveal personal information, former work positions or anything.

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