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Open after lunch

Open after lunch is very common in many companies. Imaging that your just got back from lunch with several coworkers and you holding up the company front door for each other to get in and back to work. But there is an unfamiliar face within the group and this person is busy talking in his cell phone. Ask your self, if this happens, if you would interrupt this persons phone conversation and ask him who he is about to meet with or if you just hold up the door for him to let him also into the company?

This is a typical social engineering trick. There is a small chance that you will ask him questions and then he can come up with an excuse and walk away. If you let him in he can take of in the company trying to find a unguarded room with a network connection. He can then install a wireless LAN access point and walk out again. Now there is a unsecured connection to the company network that can be accessed from the outside and he can sit outside on the company carking lot and accessing the network.


Implement a single individual physical gate that prevents employees from accessing the inner building as a group, have every one being identified separately for every entrance.

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3.   SOCIAL ENGINEERING - Open after lunch

You are just back from lunch and holding up the company front door.

Who is that guy talking in his cellphone?

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