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Solutions for home and business

Solutions for home and business - Whenever we have a home or a business network it is always desired to make sure that no outsiders are using our network. The way to do that is to use a network monitoring software that can detect if there are uninvited computers or other devices connected to the network.

LANeye is a network intrusion detection and intrusion prevention software that monitors the network.

LANeye at home

Having a wireless network at home brings a potential risk that someone from the outside can use your network and Internet connection. This may not seams like a big thing but keep in mind you may be responsible for all Internet activities from your connection and IP-address.

The most common network intrusions at home are:

  • Kids loves to "hack" neighbors wireless networks. Some do it just to brag about it, others want to use the extra bandwidth it gives them to do file sharing. In some cases they uses your internet connecting to harasses other kids.
  • Neighbors uses other neighbors WLANs for Internet surfing and in that way they don't need to have a costly internet connection of their own.
  • Some people uses others internet connections for illegal or inappropriate activities like downloading inappropriate material. Use your own imagination what they might are up to.

Solutions for home networks

- Always encrypt wireless LANs. But even doing so, in most homes no one is responsible for changing encryption keys and passwords on regular basis. Persistent kids will eventually crack your encryption key.

- Use LANeye as an early warning system that there are unknown computers using your network and your Internet connection. If you have home server or Media PC that runs all the time LANeye will also prevent intruders from accessing your network.

Learn more about how to use LANeye at home under HOME SOLUTIONS

LANeye at work

At work there is often a policy that regulate what employees can and can not do on the company network and Internet connection. If your company do not allow employees to bring their home personal computers and use them on the company network it can be hard to detect when someone ignores that rule, especially if the business network is of significant size.

In addition to inside threats business networks are more interesting for outsider to attack and protection against that is necessary.

The most common network intrusions in business networks are:

  • Employees brings their home computers and connects them to the company network. Since security and protection in home network often are significant lower than on business networks these computers may be infected by virus or Trojans that now have access to the company network.
  • Employees brings their home wireless router and connect it to the company network. This may be the worst scenario since this equipment will definitely not be configured according to the company network security policy and now exposes a connection to outsiders.
  • In company hotels, buildings that multiple companies shares, computers from a neighboring company may accidentally get connected to your network if wireless LAN are used.
  • Intruders break in during the night and connects a wireless router to the company network and will later be able to connect to your network from a car outside the company building. Once an outsider can access your network all kinds of information can be obtained. Industial espionage is much more common than you think.

Solutions for business networks

- Always encrypt wireless networks and change the encryption keys on regular basis.

- Make the company network policy known and understood by your employees. Have them understand why this policy is important and explain what can happen if the network security is tampered.

- Check server logs for anomalies.

- Use LANeye to detect and prevent unwanted devices on your network before unfriendly devices causes any harm to the company.

Learn more about how to use LANeye at work under BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

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What users says about LANeye

Have been running LANeye during the winter and spring and it works perfectly. Maybe too perfect! It does not effect the computer LANeye runs on why after a while you forget about it. After struggling with a new computer that would not connect to the network (not in the same room as the computer that LANeye runs on) it hit us that we have LANeye running and that it was LANeye that prevented this new computer from connecting to the network. This gives LANeye a high ranking!


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