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Disappointed former employees

Disappointed former employees can cause significant damages. They are familiar with company policies and routines. It will be easy for a former employees to steal company sensitive information or stall progress by deliberately work against the organization prior to leave the company.

Employees with access to critical information system might tamper both systems and information. Industrial espionage is one thing but in addition to that former employees may be offered money to reveal company infrastructure and weaknesses in company information structure. Weaknesses that can be exploit by others to succeed with additional methods to gain access to company systems.

Angry former employees may have implemented "bombs" in the company information system to be remotely set of or timely detonate. Some may have multiple remotely controlled destruction system and demand ransom to be paid to prevent them from become active.


Get to know your employees by routinely contact with your personal, keeping the feedback loop tight. Get to know your employees on a personal level and look for small behavioral changes. Problem arise in peoples lives. Help them handle these problems and build bounds and trust.

Information access levels for every employee to ensure that not all information are available to everyone. Privileges to systems and information shall be tailored individually for every employee including management.

Fast personal act administration by closing access to the company systems the same day an employee leaves the company.

If you only do one thing

Do not burn the bridges. Always end your relationship as friends. This is the best insurance you can buy for no money at all.

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One day employees will become former employees.

Disappointed former employees may cause significant damages.


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Employees can expose the company network to significant security threats.

Do not allow employees bringing their home devices to work.

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