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Employees bring home devices to work

Employees bring home devices to work - Wireless access points are cheep to buy and easy to install. Employees may bring their home wireless router or swing by nearest computer dealer to get a new device and connect it to the company network.

True story - People are people. Often without evil intensions they do things without thinking. On a small company one employee brought his personal home wireless access point to the company and connected the access point to the company network. The employee places the wireless access point in the lunch room behind a curtain to be able to work in a environment the employee though was much nicer. LANeye detected immediately that a new device was present on the network. LANeye identified the device as a D-LINK. A few minutes later a new device was detected. This time it was the employees computer that easily was identified. The employee was very surprised when people from the IT department within a few minutes has discover that he was sitting in the lunch room.

This may not be a real intrusion but the fact that the employee have hide the access point behind the curtain and probably would have left it there for some time and probably with an unknown security level this could have lead to more severe problem later on.


Security policies understood by routinely inform you personal about the potential problems and threats the company exposes to if not followed.

If you only do one thing

Inform employees that home devices are not allowed on the company network.

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2.   THREATS FROM INSIDE - Employees brings home devices to work

Employees can expose the company network to significant security threats.

Do not allow employees bringing their home devices to work.

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