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Prevent illegal use of your Wifi Internet connection

Prevent illegal use of your Wifi Internet connection - Don't let any one connect to your wireless Internet connection. People that connects to your network may use it for all kinds of illegal activities. You may say that there is no one except you that uses your wireless LAN. But how can you be so sure about that?

Wifi Drive By is growing. There are people out there scanning cities and neighborhoods for open Wifi LANs and make maps over Wifi hot spots to use. A typical illegal use of these open networks is to drive around and perform small single activities from several of these open network just to cover their tracks.

Worst of all you may be responsible or charged/blamed for these activities.

Don't fool your self thinking your wireless access point has a narrow coverage range. With a high gain antenna on the intruder side this coverage easily extends from a few 10 yards to a 100 - 200 yards, some times even much more.


Use LANeye to detect and prevent misuse of your internet connection. LANeye helps you keep track of recurring incidents.

If you only do one thing

Use encryption on your wireless router and change password and encryption phrases regularly. That will prevent people that just passing by to hook up to your network and also prevent your access point from end up on the open hot spot list.

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I don't care if someone misuses my wireless Internet connection.

My wireless Internet connection is open and free for everyone to use.

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Free to try

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