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Will LANeye solve my problem

Will LANeye prevent my neighbors from using my Internet connection?

YES - If you run LANeye on a computer that is running when the intruding computer tries to connect to your network, LANeye will block the unwanted computer from connecting to your network and use your Internet connection.

Will LANeye be able to shut down an intruding computer connection?

NO - LANeye will not disconnect computers that already have a working network connection. LANeye blocks computers during the network logon phase.

Will LANeye block Fixed IP-addresses?

YES - LANeye make no difference if the intruding computer have a fixed IP-address assigned or if the intruding computer got a dynamic IP-address from a DHCP server.

Will LANeye stop/block Viruses and Trojans?

NO - LANeye will not stop Viruses, Trojans or Spyware. For that you should use an AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software.

Can I use LANeye for network inventory work?

YES & NO - LANeye will keep track of all equipment that communicates on the network. All computers, servers, WLAN access points, network printers, routers... In that perspective you can use LANeye for network inventory work but there is no built in connection to inventory system and there is no build in export function for the data. However the LANeye surrounding file can easily be read and imported to other systems for people with some programming skills.

Can LANeye put computers in quarantine?

YES - This is done automatically. All network devices that behaves strange or suspiciously will be blocked. This blocking will be active until you remove the blocking manually. New unknown computer will always end up in a blocked state. Computers that are on the familiar list will also be blocked if they behave strange.

Can LANeye detect if a computer have been connected to another network?

YES - LANeye will detect if a computer been on another network, for instance a laptop computer that have been used on a hotel network or a home network. When this is detected LANeye will put the computer in quarantine. In LANeye Professional Edition you can set up a white-list of other trusted network for computers that shall be used on multiple networks.

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