Prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your wireless network

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Compare Feature Set

Compare Features - LANeye 2.3 is available in two variants. Both variants handles intrusion detection and intrusion prevention in both wireless and wired networks.

LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition

The Small Network Edition is aimed for small business and home networks.†Small Network Edition is easier to handle but still have all the detection and blocking functions. Advanced function to handle advanced clients are excluded.

  • For networks with up to ten (10) devices. (MAX 25 devices can be handled).

LANeye 2.3 Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is aimed for larger networks and networks with advanced clients.

  • Handles large networks.
  • Exclusion filters for VPN†/ SAN (Storage Area Network) / Virtual machines like VMware.
  • Exclusion filters for none-hijacked IP-addresses that prevent laptops from being put in guarantee after been used at home.
  • Support for multi surroundings.

LANeye Product Variants Comparicy Chart

This is a list of the primary features LANeye hosts.

Both LANeye variants share the same inventive network monitoring engine and intuitive user interface.

To show a more detailed description of a feature, Click on the down arrows.

LANeye Small Network Edition

Small Network

LANeye Professional Edition


Detecting unknown computers

Detecting MAC-address hijacking

Detecting suspicious logons

Block access to the network

Block IP-address negotiations

Local Alarm

Alarm by E-mail

Traffic Log

Detailed device information


Incident log with descriptions

Network size (number of devices)

MAX 25


Support for multiple surroundings

Custom defined device types

Filters for VPN/SAN/Virtual Machines

Filters for hijack detection

Small Network


Network Intrusion Detection Software

Free to try

Price: $59 USD

Free to try

Price: $131 USD

LANeye 2.3 for Windows

You can run LANeye 2.3 on:

- Windows 7

- Windows Vista

- Windows XP

- Windows 2000

No server needed.

Runs on any network connected computer.

Secure Payment Options

Secure payment online with:

- Credit Card

- PayPal

without exposing your financial information.

For Wire-Transfer, Please contact customer service

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