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How LANeye works - Unknown computers on black list.

Unknown computers on black list. - LANeye black lists all new devices that starts communicate on the network. All new computers and other devices that LANeye detects will LANeye put on the "UNKNOWN COMPUTERS" list. You have to manually move devices from the "UNKNOWN COMPUTERS" list to the "Familiar Computers" list.

LANeye will never automatically move computers between these lists. However LANeye will automatically change a device blocking settings when a device is manually move to and from these lists, meaning when a unknown computer gets moved from the "UNKNOWN COMPUTERS" list to the "Familiar Computers" list the blocking settings for the devices will be removed and the device will be able to connect to the network. The reversed thing happens if a device is moved from the "Familiar Computers" list to the "UNKNOWN COMPUTERS" list, the blocking settings for that device will be activated.

You may change this behavior in LANeye blocking settings dialog.

You may unblock devices listed on the "UNKNOWN COMPUTERS" list without move them to the "Familiar Computers" list by changing the device blocking settings in their properties dialog.

All critical setting changes for a device will be logged to the incident list of that device. Manually changes, automatically changes, incidents and blockings will all be logged to this incident log.

Even familiar computer may be blocked manually or even automatically by LANeye. The Hijack detection and the suspicious logon detection may reveal unusual logon behavior for a familiar listed device and therefore starts block that device.

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4.   HOW LANeye WORKS - Unknown computers on black list

LANeye automatically puts new unknown computers on black list.

Black listed computers automatically gets blocked.

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