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Install latest LANeye update

Current LANeye version is now    - Service Release 8, [SR8]

We recommend you to update now to the latest LANeye version if you are running:

- LANeye

- LANeye

- LANeye

- LANeye

- LANeye (Windows 7 beta)

- LANeye

- LANeye

- LANeye

- LANeye

Your current LANeye version information will be found in the "About LANeye" dialog under "Help" in the LANeye software top menu.

This update is not meant for LANeye 2.0.x.x unless you are upgrading your operating system to Windows Vista or Windows 7.

How to install this update

  1. Download current version:

    Download LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition - Latest version:

    Download LANeye 2.3 Professional Edition - Latest version:

  2. Unpack the downloaded file and run the "setup.exe" file to start the installation.
  3. Your current installation will be detected and the installer will prompt you to first uninstall any previous installation by starting it's uninstaller.
  4. DO NOT check the box "Delete LANeye data and log files" option unless you want to do a complete clean installation. By leaving LANeye data and log files on your system the update installer will reuse all your settings and network surrounding information.
  5. Complete the installation.
  6. Start LANeye and the new version will come up running as before.

About LANeye    - Service Release 8, [SR8]



None-serious (Means correcting minor software issues)

Applies to:

Version - ... -






Full Version (Means complete installation package)

File Version:

File Size:


File date:

Okt 28 -2018


  • New OUI-IAB database
  • Other minor bug fixes and updated files.


On some systems even other problems may go away as a result of fixing the listed ones.


Yes (Means this version replaces any previous installation without roll back option)

* Severity level:

  - Critical: Means corrects error in primary software functionality

  - Serious: Means correcting annoying software behavior

  - None-serious: Means correcting minor software issues

** Install recommendations:

  - Strongly Recommended: Means you should install immediately.

  - Recommended: Means you should install regardless if you experience problems or not.

  - Optional: Means you can skip to install unless you experience problems.

*** Installation Type:

  - Full Version: Means complete installation package that can be used to update, upgrade or for first time installation.

  - Service Pack: Means you must have LANeye already installed and your LANeye data files may also be corrected.

  - Hot Fix: Means you must have LANeye installed and only installed binary files will be corrected.

Previous LANeye Releases Information

Network Intrusion Detection Software

Free to try

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Free to try

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LANeye 2.3 for Windows

You can run LANeye 2.3 on:

- Windows 7

- Windows Vista

- Windows XP

- Windows 2000

No server needed.

Runs on any network connected computer.

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