Prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your wireless network

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LANeye 2.3
Small Network Edition

Network Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Software.

For home and small business networks with up to ten (10) computers.

Keeps your network to your self!

Stop neighbors from using your wireless network

Stop neighbors from using your wireless network,
- Stealing your bandwidth!

Prevent people from connecting to your network

Prevent people from connecting to your network,
- Accessing your shared files!

Detect unfamiliar computers

Detect unfamiliar computers on your network.

Reveal unwanted network devices

Reveal unwanted network devices.

LANeye Network Intrusion Surveillance

LANeye listening to the network traffic and detects and prevents unwanted computers from connecting to your wireless network.

  • LANeye requires no server. Runs on any network connected computer
  • LANeye runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000

Who is using your network?

LANeye intrusion detection system overview

If you have a wireless access point there is a big chance that someone tries to connect to your network and use your internet connection.

LANeye gives you a complete view and full control over all computers and other network devices that connects to your network.

LANeye is not a firewall

LANeye does not block network traffic the way a firewall does. Instead LANeye monitors the network and sends blocking packets to computers that you have not granted access. When an unknown computer tries to connect to your network, LANeye blocks the unwanted computers from connecting to your network.

LANeye Key Features

  • Detect and prevent unknown computers on Your network
  • MAC-address Hijack detection
  • Suspicious logon behavior detection
  • Alarm by Email
  • Incident logs and detailed device descriptions

Install and use LANeye

Install LANeye on one of your computers that is connected to your network. The installation is simple. After the software is install a setup wizard helps you setup LANeye to monitor your network.

LANeye works with all common network adapters including PC-card adapters, SD-card adapters and WiFi USB adapters.

You should only use LANeye on your own private network!

Always separate your network from your internet connection with a router!

Learn more about LANeye

Learn more about LANeye, check out LANeye Product Description (PDF) and the additional links below. LANeye Product Description in PDF format LANeye PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (.PDF)




LANeye 2.3 PROFESSIONAL EDITION for business networks.

LANeye Product Variants Comparicy Chart

This is a list of the primary features LANeye hosts.

Both LANeye variants share the same inventive network monitoring engine and intuitive user interface.

To show a more detailed description of a feature, Click on the down arrows.

LANeye Small Network Edition

Small Network

LANeye Professional Edition


Detecting unknown computers

Detecting MAC-address hijacking

Detecting suspicious logons

Block access to the network

Block IP-address negotiations

Local Alarm

Alarm by E-mail

Traffic Log

Detailed device information


Incident log with descriptions

Network size (number of devices)

MAX 25


Support for multiple surroundings

Custom defined device types

Filters for VPN/SAN/Virtual Machines

Filters for hijack detection

Small Network



LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition

Full version including 30 days trial license

File 2.6MB  Version  Oct 28 -2018

LANeye 2.3 for Windows

You can run LANeye 2.3 on:

- Windows 7

- Windows Vista

- Windows XP

- Windows 2000

No server needed.

Runs on any network connected computer.


Screen shot

What users says about LANeye

I have been using LANeye for a while now and are very pleased with it. It works great!


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Computer Magazines Tests

LANeye have been tested by several Swedish Computer Magazines

Commented as:

- Inventive!

- Easy to use!

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Suggest a feature

Found some feature LANeye is missing? Feel free to send a feature request. Maybe you have a good idea. Please let us know. To suggest a feature, Click on the link below and fill out the feature suggestion form. It is by users suggestions we can make LANeye even better.


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