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Licenses, Subscriptions and licensing questions

What is a User License?

A User License consist of an Order Number and a Product Key. Your Order number and Product Key will be sent to you by email after a completed purchase in ProPrat's web shop.

Free 30 days Trial License.

All installation files are full versions products and includes a 30 days free trial license.

There are no specific demo versions, all downloadable installable files are full versions. This means that you can fully evaluate the product before purchasing a User License.

No additional installation will be needed after purchased a User License. To remove the 30 days trial limit your User License Order Number and Product Key shall be entered in the User License Dialog. The User License Dialog is a part of the LANeye User Interface.

How many User Licenses do I need?

For home users one (1) single user license is normally enough.

On company networks multiple user licenses may be needed.

Please study the Licensing terms for LANeye below to see if more than one license is required.

Licensing terms for LANeye.

The End User License Agreement (EULA) that comes with LANeye controls the use of the actual installation and its use. If there is a need for multiple LANeye installations or if LANeye shall be used by more than one (1) individual, multiple licenses shall be purchased. The following rules controls multiple licensing.

  1. Main licensing rule.
    The number of User Licenses needed is primary driven by the number of installations. Main rule is that it is allowed to install and use LANeye on a reasonable number of computers as long as LANeye is used by the same individual and only by that individual. This shall be interpreted as when a person "X" (IT responsible), that person is allowed to install and use LANeye on one (1) to three (3) computers to monitor one (1) none segmented network with only one (1) User License.
  2. Use in segmented networks.
    In a segmented network the main rule is that it requires at least one (1) User License per network segment that LANeye is monitoring.
  3. Multiple persons using the software.
    When more than one individual will use LANeye in a none segmented network the main rule is that it requires one (1) User License per individual user.
  4. Using in segmented networks by multiple individual.
    When more than one individual will use LANeye in a segmented network the main rule is that it requires one (1) User License per monitored segment plus one (1) extra User License for every individual user.

What is a segment?

With segment means "logical" segment. Within a segment you can not detect network traffic from an adjacent segment.

- A network divided with simple switches are not to be considered as segmented.

- Network divided in segments with routers are segmented.

- Network using Virtual LAN (VLAN) are segmented.

What about Subscriptions?

There are no subscription licenses available for LANeye at the moment.

What will be covered in terms of upgrades?

All licenses will cover the same Major Version of LANeye. Service Releases and Service Packs may be release for a specific Major Version and will be included free of charge in your User License for the same Major Version.

Other special licenses with wider coverage are our !PLUS! licenses.

What is a  !PLUS!  License?

A !PLUS! License covers the current LANeye version 2.3 and includes a free upgrade to the next major LANeye release. LANeye will notify you when a new major version have been released and instruct you how to proceed to get your free upgrade. A !PLUS! license will guarantee you a lower price compared to a regular license price plus an upgrade discount price.

What is a BULK License?

A BULK License is a multi license, meaning you may install LANeye on several machines. Currently a BULK 5 license is available that allows up to five (5) installation using one (1) single BULK 5 license.

Is there a Site License?

There are no standard Site Licenses available online for LANeye at the moment. Please contact customer service for a Site License quotation.


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What users says about LANeye

Have been running LANeye during the winter and spring and it works perfectly. Maybe too perfect! It does not effect the computer LANeye runs on why after a while you forget about it. After struggling with a new computer that would not connect to the network (not in the same room as the computer that LANeye runs on) it hit us that we have LANeye running and that it was LANeye that prevented this new computer from connecting to the network. This gives LANeye a high ranking!


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