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Quick start LANeye

Quick Start LANeye with this four steps guide. The process is the same for LANeye Small Network Edition and LANeye Professional Edition. Screen shots shows LANeye Professional Edition but the same screens will be shown in LANeye Small Network Edition.

1. Download

Download LANeye. Choose version to download

DOWNLOAD LANeye 2.3 Small Network Edition

DOWNLOAD LANeye 2.3 Professional Edition

Download LANeye

Click "Save" and select a destination folder where to download the installation file.

2. Install

Install LANeye by open the downloaded installation file and run the "setup.exe" to start the installation.

LANeye installation start

Click "Next" and follow the on screen instructions to install LANeye.

3. Setup

Setup LANeye by starting the program. Use the LANeye Icon (or start menu) to launch the program. On Windows XP you may launch LANeye from the installation.

LANeye desktop icon

First time you start LANeye an introduction guide is shown. LANeye will have to get familiar with your network before LANeye can be activated. For that LANeye have a network surrounding wizard. You can start the surrounding wizard from the introduction guide.

Click the green button "Put LANeye to work" to start the wizard.

LANeye introduction guide

The network surrounding wizard opens.

LANeye Network Surrounding Wizard

Follow the on screen instruction to select network adapter and the wizard will scan your network to see what computers are connected to your network.

LANeye Network Surrounding Wizard scanning the network

The scanning process will take a few minutes and when finnished LANeye can be activated.

LANeye Network Surrounding Wizard ready to activate LANeye

4. Activate

Activate - LANeye is activated after a network scan and all computers and other network devices found are listed under "Unknown Computers". One computer will be listed under "Familiar Computers" and that is the computer LANeye runs on.

LANeye activated after a network scan

Now you walk throught the list of unknown computers and mark them as familiar. Use the property dialog to change unknown listed devices to be familiar. Open the property dialog by right click each listed device and click on "Properties..."

After moved all identified devices to familiar, LANeye now is setup to monitor your network.

Network Intrusion Detection Software

Free to try

Price: $59 USD

Free to try

Price: $131 USD

LANeye 2.3 for Windows

You can run LANeye 2.3 on:

- Windows 7

- Windows Vista

- Windows XP

- Windows 2000

No server needed.

Runs on any network connected computer.

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