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Secure Payment - Payment Options

You have two payment options, by credit card and/or using Your PayPal account. Both options are handled by the secure PayPal transaction server.

Swedish customers have additional local payments options, please check the Swedish website

Payment using Your credit card or Your PayPal account.

Secure payment to our PayPal account can be made in two ways:

  • Payment directly with Your credit card.
  • Payment from Your PayPal account.

Payment is always done in US-dollar. In case Your credit card holds a different currency, the amount to pay will automatically be calculated against current exchange rate prior to a withdrawal is done to Your credit card or account.

In our web shop Your name and email address have to be filled out before You are transferred to the PayPal transaction server for payment details. Shortly after the payment is completed Your User License will be sent to the email address given in our web shop.

Secure payment over the Internet.

ProPrat using PayPal for secure payment over the Internet.

PayPal have offered secure payment solutions since 1998 and today PayPal is represented in over 100 countries.

Credit card information.

Merchants and customers using PayPal never sees credit card numbers and other financial information about You when payment is done using PayPal.

Payment security.

For many years PayPal have developed their transaction system to prevent frauds. PayPal also provides merchants with refund system that allows merchants to handle incorrect orders.

User License immediately by email.

When payment is done using credit card or a PayPal account in our web shop Your User License will be sent to You as soon as the payment completed correctly. Your User License will be delivered to the email address given.

PayPal account, fast and secure.

PayPal offers You, free of charge, an account that is linked to Your email address. If You in the future wants to be able to pay merchants that accepts PayPal and if You not already have a PayPal account, You can sign up for an account at PayPal. To sign up for a PayPal account only takes a few minutes.

PayPal allows You to link a credit card to Your PayPal account. By doing so You can use Your PayPal account at merchants that accept PayPal without entering Your credit card number for every payment. This will increase the payment security even more.

When having a credit card linked to Your PayPal account You do not need to have funds stuck in Your PayPal account. Instead Your credit card will be charge separately for every payment transaction. You will be offered to sign up for a PayPal account when You using PayPal during the payment.

Want to know more about PayPal?

When You click the "Pay now" button i our web shop You will be transferred to PayPal payment web site where You can sign up for a PayPal account or You may want to visit PayPal web site for more information,

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Secure Payment Options

Secure payment online with:

- Credit Card

- PayPal

without exposing your financial information.

For Wire-Transfer, Please contact customer service

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