Prevent unwanted computers from connecting to your wireless network

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Use LANeye

Use LANeye to watch over your network

Using LANeye on one of your network connected computers will detect and prevent unwanted computers and other network devices from gaining access to your network.

Stop neighbors from using your wireless network

Stop neighbors from using your wireless internet connection

Prevent people from connecting to your network

Block unknown individuals from using your wireless network

Prevent employees from connecting their own computers to the company network

Prevent employees from using their home computers on the company network

Reveal unwanted network devices

Reveal rogue devices on your network

Home Solutions

When using LANeye on small networks like a home network you should install LANeye on the computer that runs the most. No special maintenance needed, just install and setup LANeye for your network and LANeye will run in the background and do the job.

Learn more about Home Solutions and learn how to quick start LANeye

Business Solutions

When using LANeye on a large network you preferable run LANeye on a dedicated computer. Running on a server is not recommended since servers are targets for intruders and may be tampered. Having LANeye run on a dedicated computer will increase security.

In large networks some administration of LANeye is needed due to that computers may come and go and therefore have to be unblocked in LANeye.

Learn more about Business Solutions and learn how to install, setup, use and maintain LANeye

Where LANeye is used

Chart showing where LANeye is used today

Homes 41%

Business 32%

Small and large companies.

Schools 21%

From Elementary schools to University campus.

Others 6%

Others represents Churches, Police, State and Local Government and other organizations.

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Free to try

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