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What customer thinks about LANeye

I'm very pleased about LANeye. It's working very good and simply to understand.


Great product - keep up the good work.


I have a Pro LANEye installation and love it. It is so refreshing to find really good software that when you consider all the jobs that a systems admin person has to do, is easy to use, notifies you in a sensible manner and does not kill a server.

I'm a very happy and satisfied user.


Thanks for a superb software. Easy to use and blocks almost every thing.


Thanks for a quick and realy good support. I have now changed from Small Network Edition to Professional Edition. I will place an order tomorrow. This is a super product!


Have been running LANeye during the winter and spring and it works perfectly. Maybe too perfect! It does not effect the computer LANeye runs on why after a while you forget about it. After struggling with a new computer that would not connect to the network (not in the same room as the computer that LANeye runs on) it hit us that we have LANeye running and that it was LANeye that prevented this new computer from connecting to the network. This gives LANeye a high ranking!


Thank you for your support that is really worth the name "support". I reinstalled LANeye according to your description and it worked like a charm. Best regards from a very pleased customer.


You have a superb software!


Really nice software.


LANeye works perfectly and I'm a very pleased customer. Best regards.


I hope everything works well with LANeye! I'm very pleased with it and have had much use of it now when I use it more actively. The good thing about it is that now I know if someone tries to intrude and use my network.


Thank you for an incredible quick answer, and on a Sunday!.


I Have run LANeye at home and at a customer site and we are completely satisfied with the results. I will place an order for two licenses next week.


I have been using LANeye for a while now and are very pleased with it. It works great.


I am completely satisfied and will use LANeye from now on.


Found a site where they said LANeye is a really good program for network protection. Since this is an area that I'm in to I downloaded the PRO-version and start to test and read. I have several computers, routers and network printers and I was impressed that LANeye found them all. I hocked up a new computer and it got blocked right away and a big warning sign come up. It was easy to change the settings and allow the new computer. I have even installed LANeye at my little brothers house and have paid the license fee.

I'm completely satisfied. This is one of the best investments in a long time.

Thanks for this wonderful program. I will recommend it to others.


Thanks for superb support!


What a good support you have, taking the time to explain in a way so a none technical person like me understands!


I have tested LANeye and think it works perfectly. I will recommend this software to the company I work with, as a part of there network monitoring!


Have been running LANeye for a few month now. No Intrusions so far. I feels good to know that no one other that me uses my wireless network. You couldn't really know that before.


Good support makes en happy! You take care of your customers. I have recommended Your program to a friend. Such a nice program for (us paranoids) and with good support is worth gold!


I have been tested LANeye over the weekend ad have a few questions but first I really must say that this seams to be a good and solid program, especially I appreciate the rich and interesting documentation that was easy to learn from.


It is always so fun to find a program that do the job you need and do it so perfectly as your software.


LANeye keeps going and have already make return on the investment. It takes 3-5 seconds before we know that there is a new computer on the network.

We had two customer visits last week that resulted in extra high activities in the IT-department. Now we have striating up our visiting policy.


Have just been testing LANeye. Wonderful software.

You have a good view over if there are unauthorized devices that connects to the network. What helps if you have a strong policy around that.


I have been tested LANeye in a test lab/net, and it works like a charm.


Works perfectly!


Really nice program. Your learn a lot about computer networks and risks.


LANeye had no problem telling me that my Speed Touch modem was from the vendor Thomson.


Have been running LANeye on three different locations. This program will be a "must" for many home and companies.


Have been tested LANeye and decided to buy a license. Suites my needs perfectly!


Very nice service and support response!

This type of support, you not used to!

Very nice is the least I can say.


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